Wednesday, April 25, 2012

ChromeStrike Beta (0.9.7)

While I can't say we've been working away at the book for a long time I can certainly say the amount progress we've had has been great.  The project's been losing a bit of steam, but we've managed to get the thing into the Beta stage finally.  Of particular mention, the folks who have been here since the start regularly, and remain with us, have all been immensely helpful.  (Koliup, Sir, and Spoon, I'm looking at you three)  The rulebook has been entirely reformatted- prettied up, sections have been added, it's organized entirely differently.  Hopefully you, the readers, will appreciate the huge step of improvements since the last edition.

Now that the book is nearly done we'll hopefully be taking a turn from simple combat tests and move our way into actually running a campaign.  I've had some ideas floating in my head for a while now, and my fellow developers have had some amusing thoughts of their own.  Once I have enough regulars we'll get the show on the road, bask in the glory that is ChromeStrike.  That'll also help me write up the Example Campaign section within the book, think up more fluff, all that good stuff.  So soon.

Booklet: 0.9.7

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  1. It's looking much much better. Still not publishing quality yet but really like what i'm seeing