Thursday, April 19, 2012

ChromeStrike (0.9.65) + Playtesting

Yet more playtesting has been done.  This Tuesday's test was once again with the suggested 25cr, and we figured we may as well test out how the uncommon vehicles performed.  (Or, more accurately, the one's the testers hadn't fought yet).  Attack helicopters and jeeps both turned out to be about the right CR, being exceptionally disruptive to mechs.  One jeep in particular dodged twelve shots, all the while launching RPGs back at the slow mech with deadly accuracy.
Also.  We determined that Tanks should not be thrown at starting mechs.  It was not pretty.  The first mech got ran over and shot at near point-blank range, repeatedly, the other failing to lock up the turret in melee.  What then proceeded was the tank driving through buildings with the second hanging on, both of them plowing through tons of debris and wood.  This lasted for some time.  Eventually the tank reigned supreme.  The 7/11 ended up somewhat torn up.

Most recent rulebook- 0.9.65

And the changelog-


Some typos have been fixed

Aquiring New Perks

Part defects added

Jackhammer modified (Missed this from last version)

Medium Missiles have +1 ammunition

Enemy attributes have been tinkered with

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