Wednesday, April 25, 2012

ChromeStrike Beta (0.9.7)

While I can't say we've been working away at the book for a long time I can certainly say the amount progress we've had has been great.  The project's been losing a bit of steam, but we've managed to get the thing into the Beta stage finally.  Of particular mention, the folks who have been here since the start regularly, and remain with us, have all been immensely helpful.  (Koliup, Sir, and Spoon, I'm looking at you three)  The rulebook has been entirely reformatted- prettied up, sections have been added, it's organized entirely differently.  Hopefully you, the readers, will appreciate the huge step of improvements since the last edition.

Now that the book is nearly done we'll hopefully be taking a turn from simple combat tests and move our way into actually running a campaign.  I've had some ideas floating in my head for a while now, and my fellow developers have had some amusing thoughts of their own.  Once I have enough regulars we'll get the show on the road, bask in the glory that is ChromeStrike.  That'll also help me write up the Example Campaign section within the book, think up more fluff, all that good stuff.  So soon.

Booklet: 0.9.7

Thursday, April 19, 2012

ChromeStrike (0.9.65) + Playtesting

Yet more playtesting has been done.  This Tuesday's test was once again with the suggested 25cr, and we figured we may as well test out how the uncommon vehicles performed.  (Or, more accurately, the one's the testers hadn't fought yet).  Attack helicopters and jeeps both turned out to be about the right CR, being exceptionally disruptive to mechs.  One jeep in particular dodged twelve shots, all the while launching RPGs back at the slow mech with deadly accuracy.
Also.  We determined that Tanks should not be thrown at starting mechs.  It was not pretty.  The first mech got ran over and shot at near point-blank range, repeatedly, the other failing to lock up the turret in melee.  What then proceeded was the tank driving through buildings with the second hanging on, both of them plowing through tons of debris and wood.  This lasted for some time.  Eventually the tank reigned supreme.  The 7/11 ended up somewhat torn up.

Most recent rulebook- 0.9.65

And the changelog-


Some typos have been fixed

Aquiring New Perks

Part defects added

Jackhammer modified (Missed this from last version)

Medium Missiles have +1 ammunition

Enemy attributes have been tinkered with

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

ChromeStrike (0.9.6) + Playtesting

Had another bout of playtesting done, this time with 50cr mechs.  The idea was to see how broken of a mech people could make and see if there was one particular archetype that performed the best.
Naturally, this ended up being the high-DR speedster mechs that can be made around that point level.  We didn't have many people yet again, but those that were there slugged it out on Maptools.  What proceeded was a very long dog-fight, the two mechs dashing along the battlefield with Jump-packs or a hover chassis, the players not bothering to aim or stand still the vast majority of it.  Eventually the more-armored but slightly slower one reigned supreme.
After that we had gotten a bit bored, did a few other random tests that sounded amusing.  On the third and final one I slapped together two 50cr mechs, of the heavy type, to see how they might perform against faster foes.  Especially optimized mechs, at that.  Though they performed well (One of the two only used Electronic Warfare Units and played a support role), the surviving damaged one eventually conceded victory.  That mech had been shot about twenty times in five turns, not taking a single wound in the process.  And then tackled into a building.  It was pretty glorious.

Anyways.  Here's the updated book reflecting our observations- 0.9.6

And the changelog-


Most arms have an increased Wound value

Hover chassis cost-effectiveness made equal to other parts

Booster speed increase lowered

Jump-Pack's lost innate SPD bonus, can now only be used every other turn

Electric Warfare Units buffed quite a bit

HMG's modified

Jackhammer and Limpet Mines buffed

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

ChromeStrike (0.9.55)

Here's the most recent version with some more fine-tuning and problems being addressed.  The vast majority of this update has been from ideas and feedback from my idea people, Spoonman and Koliup.  Another round of applause for those two.

Book- 0.9.55



Extra parts
-Body Work: Pimping up of the mech that provides a possible intimidation bonus
-C&C Node: Data providing device that increases attack against very fast foes

Monoc-03 head special has been decreased to 3:1

NRB03 chest lost the SPD penalty, price decreased to 12cr

NRB02 treads are now 1cr cheaper

Chemical laser has 1 less wounding and +1 to hit

Combat: Critical/automatic hits added

Tanks now have 1+ armor instead of 3+. Have fun with that.

MI now only have 5+ armor

Sunday, April 8, 2012

ChromeStrike (0.9.5) + Playtesting

(Logs and battle report to follow later in this post)

Book- 0.9.5



Extra parts
-Mechandrite: Long, lithe arm unit for the shoulder.
-Mortar: Explosive weapon with huge range that does not require LoS

Added AoE mode to flamethrowers

Incendiary Missiles added

Mobile Infantry have been made much less scary

Tackling rules reformatted

Shop Repair & Personal Repair rules added

Additional setting lore

Playtesting stuff-

For this test we had three players (Fouth player became unavailible just before the game began). Koliup/Francois ended up slapping together a redshirt character that they would all control, to inflate the number of mechs on their side. We even threw a Ye-Old Hatch onto the extra PC to try to get him killed. As luck would have it he actually performed pretty well.

The reactions of the players were priceless when I lit one of them up with a Laser Pointer for the first time. During this particular playtest I had two standard Missiler mechs standing way off toward the far side of the factories, hiding out. Once the player was hit by the Scout there was suddenly 2 HEAVY MISSILE strikes battering one of them up at 3d6+3 to hit. From that point on it was always "KILL THE DAMN SCOUT" whenever one popped up. The Limpet Mine Engineers had a similar kind of reaction, if not quite as much.

MI's actually turned out to be a huge problem. I'd underestimated their DR substantially. As a result it became necessary to hit their DR by 2 points during the playtest. Would have been a TPK otherwise. This may have also been part of my planning on the player's not performing a frontal assault. Outflanking someone to take out the factories might have worked. Or zerging it. Even so they managed fine.

Here's the list of deployed forces:

Player forces (100, 105? points)
Vasyanna (Piloting Typhon, Sniper Cannon and TA shoulder combination)
Francois, the vulgar Frenchman (Piloting Hellfire. Incendiary cannon mech)
Jand (Piloting Helios. Soldier-esque mech with Incendiary, Rockets, and a TA shoulder)
Ricky/McGee (Piloting a giant red mech. Had 2x shotguns, 2x handguns. Standard CO parts)

Enemy forces (148 points)
4x Soldier MI
2x Engineer MI
2x Scout MI
Soldier Mech
2x Missiler Mechs

And then the general map.  Some of the movements may be lost in the crude MS paint scrawlings.  What is not shown on the map is that Vasyanna continued moving South to shoot at the Missilers, who decided to remain near the factories.  The soldier and Ricky ended up in melee combat right next to them.


(Duke) ******************************************
(Duke) You have all been hanging about the outer edges of a small war in Southern Europe, waiting for jobs to turn up. Just as luck would have it, such a thing has in fact showed. A high risk, extremely well paying one at that. One that seems too lucrative to pass over.
(Duke) The situation is this- both fronts of the war have been grinded to a halt, high casualties befalling both sides. Your employer would like for you all to be ferried widely around enemy lines, dropped off deep within their territory. A small-sized factory has been pumping out munitions and armors and is a fat juicy target. It is your mission to hit the facility hard and fast then book it the hell out before reinforcements arrive.
(Duke) As far as defenses go it is moderately well defended. Not armored, or walled off, so much as having a small mech and infantry presence around the place. Most likely you will be encountering a few mechs, possibly tanks, and a medium-sized detachment of Mobile Infantry.
(Duke) ***
(Duke) It is dark. Profoundly so. If not for the advanced optics and sensory equipment in your mechs literally nothing would be seen.
(Duke) The choppers are flying fast and low, your machine's feet more often then not nearly touching the ground. Road and dirt rushes beneath you at a dangerous pace. The spinning of the helicopter rotors are somewhat muted, half because of your thick cockpit, also because of their stealthed up build.
(Duke) For some time it has been quiet, perhaps two hours or more. And very tense time at that. Each moment that passed was a possible moment in which you all could be spotted, where mechs or anti-air missiles could come homing in. Luckily this has yet to happen.
(Duke) Eventually your radio buzzes to life and a womanly voice affirms that you all have arrived to the battlefield. Cables scream and detach from your armored bodies, the asphalt cracking beneath your mech as you drop to the ground. After the large jostling motion you check your sensors and gauges yet again. All good.
(Duke) "Godspeed, Mercs," the same pilot says.
(Duke) To the South-East lies your target. Actions?
(Francois) "Moving up." Francois declares, pulling levers, pushing buttons. Making his way to the corner. Slowly.
(Duke) Around the corner it appears clear, though you can make out some grassy area far off.
(Vayanna) "Got your six."
(Jand) Heads up after the others, letting them take the lead and making periodic glances behind him with his mech's camera. "You get point then. Ricky, cover our rear."
(Francois) "Gonna hit the opposite end of the street." Francois declares, his mech stomping away.
(Duke) The alleyways and streets are eerily empty, the inhabitants no doubt having moved long before the conflict.
(Duke) No people, no cars, no animals. Plus the all-encompassing darkness.
(Jand) "Don't get too far from the rest of us, no use getting picked off." Stomping through the streets as quietly as a giant armored warmachine can, checking his sensors every so often
(Duke) So far so clear. No scouts or hostiles.
(Francois) "I don't plan on it. Lemme check the side street, once I get there." Stomp. Stomp. Stomp.
(Duke) Stomp, indeed. Between the four of you nearly the entire street is taken up by machine.
(Duke) It's probably a /very/ good thing the cars are all gone.
(Francois) "Gonna peek now." Stomp, and a creak as the machine peeks down the street to its left.
(Duke) The side streets look clear, although some bastard has left his truck in the street FAR off to the East.
(Jand) Takes the opposite side, swinging his plasma cannon around in front of him. "Anything?"
(Duke) Sensors show no movement or heat signature. Almost certainly empty.
(Francois) "Left or forward, team?"
(Vayanna) "I'd say left. Give us a chance to scope out the area first."
(Francois) "Lets go then."
(Jand) "Then left we go."
(Francois) "Helios, move up, get a look down the street."
(Duke) Off, to the far south, there is a blur of motion on both your optics and heat vision.
(Duke) A small Power Armor unit briefly bounds through the air, hopping with a Jump-Pack.
(Jand) "Geek the Infantry, first."
(Duke) It seems to spot you- the thing halts for a brief second alarmed and puzzled.
(Duke) Ricky charges forward in the blink of the eye, reacting far sooner before anyone else. As the mech plauds forward both Machine-Guns roar into life, illuminating the street with huge bursts of light.
(Duke) Sadly the hail of rounds all seem to miss the tiny MI, who continues bounding around the corner.
(Duke) All at once your coms pick up chatter and communications springing to life, even encoded as it is. Trouble is on the way.
(Francois) "Shit. Ricky, kill any troops you see. We're coming." Francois forces his mech to pull a 180, and begin plodding towards where Ricky ran off to."
(Jand) Lets out a sigh. "Wonderful, there goes our surprise." His mech sliding to the corner and then plodding forward
(Francois) "Helios. Play decoy and move up, we're right behind you, ready to glass any fucker you see."
(Jand) Scoffs. "Hah. You wish." Heads up with Ricky.
(Duke) The little bastard again launches around the corner, the plasma from the Jump-Pack blindingly light on the thermal sensors.
(Duke) It takes aim at Helios with the thing-
(Duke) A small dot briefly shines across his mech, the chatter on the networks increase.
(Duke) There is the crack of thunder, then some bright almost looking flares appear shooting across the rooftops. Missiles.
(Duke) The ground detonates around Helios, concrete and asphalt flying with great force. One of his legs takes a direct hit.
(Francois) "Ricky, kill that fucking soldier!" Francois angrily stomps forwards, trying to get into range.
(Duke) Vasyanna fires. A huge shell flies down the street, missing the scout, detonating much further down.
(Duke) The little bastard rockets back behind the corner in a jet of plasma, once again hiding.
(Duke) This in turn becomes a little dance as four more flutter into the ally at breakneak speeds- soldier MI, from the looks of it.
(Duke) Each of them are armed with both a small Machine Gun and a RPG, and all take aim down the alleyway at nearly the same time. And then cut loose with the rockets.
(Francois) Sweet. I can shoot at them.
(Duke) There is a brilliant flash of a fireball as Ricky's head erupts into splinters, showering the nearby windows and buildings.
(Duke) His head is gone.
(Francois) "Ricky, watch out, I'm gonna fuck one up!"
(Duke) Plasma erupts around the lead MI, who lights up from concentrated plasma fire. The vast majority of it misses, though the little soldier is now entirely in flames.
(Jand) Takes a shot at the retreating scout infantry as he ducks around the corner.
(Duke) There is a pop and a hiss as the Scout MI is literally melted in half by superheated plasma.
(Duke) Only his legs remain.
(Duke) The four MI buzz further down the street, lessening some of the distance between yourselves and them. There is also a faint ominous rumbling of the nearby windows and rocks.
(Duke) They line up their Machine-Guns with Helios.
(Francois) They all hit.
(Duke) Concentrated machinegun fire splatters off of Helios, damaging one of the arms and the torso.
(Francois) "Fuck em up, team!"
(Duke) The plasma fire launches between the four PA's.
(Duke) Vasyanna's round misses them as well.
(Duke) Ricky cuts loose with both MG's and sidearms, cutting down one of the MI with his rain of fire.
(Jand) Takes a shot at the currently flaming MI.
(Duke) The little bastard is lit up even further, now mostly engulfed in off-color flames.
(Duke) The now three MI bounce back around the street, their flames illuminating all the windows.
(Vayanna) "Tank sighted!"
(Duke) The rumbling of ground finally comes to a crescendo as a large, beefy tank rolls around the corner.
(Duke) It fires without aiming at Hellfire.
(Duke) The shell misses entirely, blowing out much of a building further North.
(Francois) The Hellfire rushes forth, as much as possible, blasting some plasma towards the tank as it does.
(Duke) Somehow the man misses the huge, slowly moving tank entirely.
(Duke) Perhaps the gods are out to get you all.
(Jand) Brings up his cannon in one arm, holding it under it and firing a shot at the tank. He releases a rocket toward the tank at the same time before scooting back into the alley further.
(Duke) Vasyanna and the Helios both cut loose at the tank simultaneously, letting loose fire, rockets, and the sniper round.
(Duke) Fire erupts from the turret of the tank, some of the armor also being ablated off by the fire. It is now burning.
(Duke) Ricky splatters the main part of the tank with accurate Machine-Gun fire, ripping off some kind of component in the process.
(Duke) The tank rolls its turret over and takes aim at the Sniper Mech, far off in the rear.
(Duke) A huge shell strikes the sniper mech, just barely ricocheting off the thick armor.
(Duke) Another scout bounds around the corner to the south, then more hostiles pop up on the radar East. It appears that an engineer, possibly more then one, are outflanking the party.
(Duke) The lower SCOUT MI takes aim at Vasyanna with the laser pointer.
(Duke) The small dot shines across Vasyanna, and the tail-tell sound of launching missiles is heard.
(Duke) Explosions ripple across Vasyanna's mech. The torso is heavily damaged, one of the legs also being hit.
(Francois) "Helios, kill the scout, Typhon, the tank, Ricky, Engineer."
(Jand) "You mean the scout that I currently can't see, hiding behind the tank, with a mostly damaged mech? That scout?"
(Clarified at this point that all MI's are valid targets, they are floating about in the air most of the time)
(Francois) "Shush. Typhon, kill the tank to Helios doesn't have any excuses."
(Duke) Vasyanna nails the turret of the tank with the sniper cannon, blowing off the weapon in a great burst of sparks and fire.
(Vayanna) "Done!"
(Duke) Ricky fires at the engineer, sadly missing with both volleys.
(Francois) The Hellfire turns the corner, and fires at the engineer.
(Jand) Hugs the corner, firing a shot at the scout MI.
(Duke) Hellfire misses the engineer.
(Duke) As does Jand.
(Duke) Enemies come from everywhere. The MI from before move back into the street, the flanking engineers flying crazily to close in to melee distance. The turret-less tank rumbles closer.
(Duke) The tank lights up Vasyanna with MG fire.
(Francois) "Shit. Shit! SHIT! The engineers got limpets! Fuck them!"
(Duke) Typhon's head erupts into scrap metal from the barrage, the delicate optical sensors shattering entirely.
(Duke) Two explosions clap around Helios's body, shattering the other arm and damaging the torso further.
(Duke) Both engineer MI cut loose with grenade launchers at the redshirt.
(Duke) One of his arms erupts into pieces, his torso damaged.
(Duke) Plasma erupts around the closest Engineer.
(Duke) Ricky's fire splatters harmlessly around the close-in MI.
(Jand) Heads around the corner and rushes north.
(Duke) A large shell strikes the bottom of the tank, entirely destroying the treads. It is now immobile, no longer trying to ram into any of you.
(Duke) Pissed, Francois moves forward and tries to literally step on one of the Engineers.
(Duke) There is a splat, a pop, and suddenly no more engineer.
(Francois) "FUCK YOOOOOOU!"
(Duke) The other engineer spins around and cuts loose with Jump-Pack thrust, getting the hell out of there.
(Francois) Ricky, seeing that Francois is a dangerous guy, moves up to help him out.
(Duke) The three MI soldiers cut loose at Vasyanna with the small MG's.
(Duke) It naturally fails to harm the armored up mech.
(Duke) Scout mechs, though, are something more of a pain. Said one aims at Vasyanna with the laser pointer.
(Duke) Again the night sky lights up, fast-moving burning cylinders flying across the rooftops.
(Duke) Fire erupts around Vasyana, destroying the windows and walls on either side of her mech. Even so, the mech is hardly damaged at all, only taking minor damage to the torso.
(Duke) Hellfire leans around the corner and fires the Incendiary cannon at the Scout, which misses.
(Jand) Keeps moving back toward the Sniper mech.
(Duke) MachineGun fire from the redshirt further damages the tank. The thing is now a smoking, near-wreck.
(Duke) Sniper Rifle misses the scout.
(Duke) Helios lets loose a rocket as he backpedals, toward the scout. It strikes home right at the face-plate- detonating the man into a cloud of gore and metal.
(Duke) MI soldiers zip through the air up, launching along on their Jump-Packs. All three target Hellfire from nearly ten meters away.
(Duke) Though they all strike near-home, the shells arent enough to deal damage.
(Duke) The hatch on top of the tank opens wide, three or four men beginning to scamper on out of the thing. It appears they are making a sprint of the insides of the adjacent buildings.
(Francois) "Oh hello leetle MI. I heard you want good fucking." Francois announces over his speakers, grinning as he aims at the MI directly opposite him.
(Duke) Said man disappears under a blast of plasma. By the time it clears there is no longer any man.
(Jand) Continues backpedaling.
(Duke) One of the remaining MI is riddles with holes. There is a slight scream before it pops and becomes engulfed in flames.
(Duke) The last Soldier blurs forward, going straight at the redshirt. Apparently trying to grapple him.
(Francois) "Much fucking for leetle MI!" Francois declares over his external speakers, for the pleasure of the lone remaining MI.
(Duke) It fails miserably, batting into the torso like some kind of fly.
(Duke) The pilot is momentarily jostled.
(Duke) Further down the street the tank pilots get the fuck inside the Subway.
(Duke) Hellfire reaches down and grasps the stunned MI in his free hand, then lifts the tiny thing up into the air. With the mech's fingers he rips off one arm unit, which lets loose a small, delicate gush of blood.
(Duke) The pilot, if he is not dead, is certainly going to pass out.
(Francois) "Ricky has found leetle engineer, my freinds, we are engaging him, keep safe."
(Duke) Ricky splatters harmless fire at the Engineer.
(Duke) The MI boosts out of the street, straight up to Rickly, and lobs a Limpet Bomb at him.
(Francois) Hm.
(Duke) It sticks directly to the center of his torso unit.
(Duke) At the same time the newly arrived Soldier Mech, from near-point blank range, holds up the Assault Cannon to Ricky's chest.
(Duke) Ricky's remaining cannon and arm is blown off from the large-bore MG.
(Francois) "Leetle Engineer! I give you one chance: drop weapon, fly away, or I fuck you like leetle mobile infantree." Francois gestures with his left arm, still holding the MI.
(Duke) The engineer is unfazed.
(Francois) Francois, not wanting to see an Ally die senselessly, turns around, and scrapes the MI against Ricky's hull, leaving gore, but taking the Limpet, which is fastly connected to the chest of the poor trooper. He seems to stir, only to see the limpet on his chest. It is the last thing he sees. The alley, and mechs, are coated in MI.
(Duke) Soldier Mech and MI both move further up into the street, aiming at Hellfire with their respective weapons.
(Duke) The grenade detonates harmlessly off to the side, blowing most of the wall off the building. And the Assault Cannon rounds splatter harmlessly off of Hellfire's hull.
(Jand) Moves up to the corner and fires his last rocket at the Soldier.
(Jand) "I can't do anything else. I'm bugging out."
(Duke) The rocket smashes into the weaponed soldier arm, rendering his Assault Cannon temporarily unusable.
(Duke) At the same time Francois nails the engineer with PLASMA.
(Francois) "Godspeed, Helios. Live long, my friend."
(Duke) The little engineer, ammo-less as he was, helpless, is burninated away.
(Duke) And there goes Bob the engineer.
(Jand) "Good Luck. Take out that mech before he switches hands."
(Duke) The soldier does just that- backs around the corner while ripping it from his damaged arm.
(Francois) "Mech friend. Soldier mech. I offer you deal: throw me your autocannon. I let you leave. Good deal, no?" Francois offers, approaching the corner.
(Duke) From around the corner the mech blasts a response, mostly clear- "Come and get it."
(Francois) Francois moves up. Stomp. Stomp. Stomp. "It makes me sad I have to fuck you."
(Duke) The other mech pilot doesn't bother responding to this particular comment.
(Francois) "Ricky, go see. I will cover you."
(Francois) "I fuck you now, leetle soldier mech!" Francois declares, after seeing his shot strike true.
(Duke) Ricky blows most of the windows and walls out of a little thrift-store.
(Duke) The soldier-mech, now armless, unkneels and begins B-lining it for the missle mechs.
(Duke) Further down the line, the missilers back up further, aiming at Hellfire as they do.
(Francois) "Vasy, sniper mech. Keep to wall. I see missile mechs. Fuck them."
(Vayanna) "Thanks"
(Duke) A bolt of plasmas flies and strikes the back of the solider, only partly. Though it is now more in flames it takes no damage.
(Duke) The pilot lets out a snort through the speakers.
(Duke) And then proceeds to charge around the bottom corner.
(Francois) "Sniper mech. Watch out for soldier mech. He is going your way."
(Duke) The missile mechs continue aiming at Hellfire.
(Vayanna) "Affirmative."
(Francois) "Go, Ricky!"
(Rickly bounds into the line of both missiler mechs and the fleeing soldier, unconcerned about his own well-being.)
(Duke) Both of the Missile mechs take potshots at Ricky with their rifles.
(Duke) Both miss.
(Duke) Francois nails the left Mech in the chest with a bolt of plasma, damaging it.
(Duke) Both missile mechs begin aiming at Hellfire.
(Duke) The frenchman burns off the left missiler's head with a well-aimed plasma bolt.
(Duke) Both missile mechs shoot at Hellfire with their rifles and missiles both.
(Duke) Fire erupts all around Hellfire, his weaponed arm detonating from the explosions. His torso unit is also damaged.
(Francois) "Good shots, leetle cowards. But I will fuck you." Francois declares, grabbing his gun from his destroyed arm.
(Duke) Vasy's sniper round goes wide, punching a whole in the wall of the factory.
(Duke) Said factories are made out of what appears to be pre-fabricated sheet metal slabs, unfolded where they are now.
(Duke) The Soldier mech passes his Assault Cannon to the right missler, who happily accepts it.
(Duke) And the other takes a potshot at McGee with his rifle.
(Francois) "Vasy, fuck right missiler."
(Duke) The rifle shot from the left missiler goes wide of the maniacal charging redshirt.
(Duke) Hellfire's shot goes wide of the right missiler, as does Vasyanna's.
(Francois) Okay.
(Duke) McGee tackles the left missiler, or at least attempts to. His mech ends up deflected off of the thing's shoulders.
(Duke) The redshirt ends up smashed into the ground beside both of them.
(Duke) Between the three makes, they all take turns attacking the redshirt.
(Duke) The soldier kicks the bastard with a foot, the other two shooting the prone form with rifles and an assault cannon.
(Francois) "Typhon, fuck enemy soldier."
(Duke) Fire splatters around Hellfire, most of the shots being taken by the building.
(Duke) The rifle shot is taken to McGee from near-point blank, damaging his torso.
(Duke) The other wounds it's foot on his armored crotch.
(Duke) Vasy's shell bounces off of the armored shoulder armor of the soldier.
(Duke) McGee pulls himself back up from his prone position.
(Duke) Our lovable soldier mech reers back, then attempts to knock back down MacGee in a tackle. It succeeds but damages it's leg in the process.
(Duke) Some fairly useless fire is shot at McGee and Hellfire, but it turns out useless.
(Duke) Vasy once again misses, but Hellfire lights up the right mech once again with more plasma. It burns magnificently.
(Duke) Finally, an angry McGee stands up.
(Duke) A clusterfuck of tackling and shooting happens, that leaves McGee wounded in the chest, and a Missler mech prone.
(Duke) Vasyanna and Hellfire both nail their own respective mechs, both in the chest, taking the things down to dangerous levels.
(Duke) The soldier rolls left and right angrily.
(Duke) Missiler left stands up, the other fires at Hellfire again.
(Duke) Vasy shoots out the left mech's legs, causing it to fall onto the ground.
(Duke) The other has it's head vaporized.

(Duke) "Alright boys," the soldier rumbles, laying prone on the ground," no point in continuing this. I'll happily surrender. Not worth dying over."
(Duke) There is a moments lapse of firing as the other two mechs consider this, then seem to mutter general approval. Both remaining missilers drop their firearms, drop down into a mostly sitting (or laying, in the legless one's case).
(Duke) "Cease fire," the legless one calls over speakers.
(Francois) "Accepted. Leetle mechs."
(Duke) Vasyanna, Francois, and Ricky proceed to destroy all the enemy mech's legs, take the remaining firearms, and happily mess up the three factories. By the time all of this is accomplished radar bleeps announce oncoming reinforcements and everyone GTFO back to their choppers.
(Duke) ***************************

Saturday, April 7, 2012

ChromeStrike 0.9.42

Minor update for the second stage of playtesting.  Additional parts and number tweaks have been put in place.  Most of the new material this edition have been the result of the playtester, Spoonman, and his input.  Round of applause.

Book- 0.9.42

Change log-


Lithiness renamed to Overcharges to better suit non-bipedal locomotion

Extra parts
-Laser Pointer: Weapon that debuffs enemies or calls in strikes
-Advanced Targeting Acquisition Unit: More expensive Targeting Array

Sniper Rifles decreased in cost

More types of Mobile Infantry, additional lore

Some typos have been fixed

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

ChromeStrike (0.9.4) + Playtesting!

Woo, did some playtesting finally.

Our first test was kind of rough at the start and we had some problems that made it difficult to run it for a while. One of our players had to leave, another having constant disconnecting problems. Still, after a while we got into a fluid tempo of actions and writing.
Initially we had four players be deployed into a 75x75 grid map that I had created in Maptools, keeping the vast majority of combat in there. We used IRC for everything else. The players easily destroyed the four Beta mechs and Turret, rarely being hit in the process. Even more rarely wounded.
Since the fight was one-sided I ended up offering them a credit bonus (IC) to defeat the remaining players. For a brief few moments there was some IC puzzlement and refusal, then the fight broke out as it should. That was amusing in it's own right- the highly powergamed Sniper speeder mech began ripping apart another player, Osirus, and his standard-ish soldier mech. Our beefy Assaultcannoner joined Osirus's side. They eventually got a lucky hit on the speedy sniper's legs. Was downhill from there. The beefy one ended up fighting to defend the sniper mech against Osirus, defending the entirely limbless and headless mech valiantly. After quite some time the Assaultcannoner emerged victorious over all. Glorious play testing complete.

So. The main issues seemed to be our all relative newness in running the system. That and enemies were way weaker then I thought, players always have a rather high DR. I have addressed these problems with the latest edition.

Overall it was pretty damn fun to run. Some crazy stuff happened (Mech hanging onto life with no legs, arms, or head), and we had some laughs. Expect playtest logs of future tests.

Book- 0.9.4



DR formula no longer has +2 innate DR

Aim bonus is only decreased by 1 upon firing

Called shots have been made more difficult to match the lower DR

Soldiers have been made scarier

Turrets have been made scarier

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

ChromeStrike (0.9.3)

Added in melee combat, worked on some various part changes, balanced some numbers.  Should be the final version before preliminary playtests.

Book- 0.9.3



Weapon added
-Limpet Bombs: Anti-tank and vehicle grenades, secondary area-denial effect

AP Missiles increased in cost

Added utility to Flamethrowers and Electronic Warfare Units

Extra parts added (Mostly legs)

CT-02 head decreased in cost

Added upgrade
-Power Gauntlet: Bonus to punch and tackle damage

Melee combat fleshed out

Primary tank guns have been made more accurate

Monday, April 2, 2012

ChromeStrike (0.9.2)

ChromeStrike is my most recent Scifi system, focused in particular on Mechs and their interactions with other military vehicles. Players take the role of mercenaries or hired-on company pilots, taking jobs and performing missions. A heavy emphasis has been placed on customizability and rules-light, fast paced combat. It is still in the alpha phase.
After revealing the system I have been getting a torrent of helpful feedback. Much of it has been ideas for additional setting lore or parts, but more of the fellows have also been taking closer looks at the game mechanics. Or lecturing about how particular weapons/defenses work. As a result we've been fine-tuning the workings. Combat should have more complex interactions now with the advent of variable Dodge Rating, plus some weapons and upgrades make more sense then before.

In addition to this I've gone ahead and added in some more enemies, parts, and upgrades to add more variety. Why not.

Here's the current rulebook- 0.9.2

And the changelog-


Vehicles and Mobile Infantry added

Extra parts
-Electronic Warfare: Used to debuff an enemy, uses INT attribute

Extra upgraded added (Slat Armor, ERA)

Combat Overhauled
-Moving now decreases attack rating & increases dodge rating
-Boosters/Jump Packs no longer use the UTILITY action

Editable character sheets created

Additional setting lore

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Blog Created!

Hey everyone, welcome to the DukeFluffy Productions Blog.

I'm something of a Fantasy and Sci-Fi fan, one who delves into the wonderful world of Pen and Paper RPGing.  I make systems when I am bored.  On this blog I will be keeping you all up-to-date on the systems I am working on.  This includes the Morrowind PNP, ChromeStrike, and others.

Here are the current systems.  More in-depth posts about them soon to come.
Morrowind PNP - (Fantasy, d100) -
ChromeStrike - (Scifi, d6) -