Tuesday, April 3, 2012

ChromeStrike (0.9.3)

Added in melee combat, worked on some various part changes, balanced some numbers.  Should be the final version before preliminary playtests.

Book- 0.9.3



Weapon added
-Limpet Bombs: Anti-tank and vehicle grenades, secondary area-denial effect

AP Missiles increased in cost

Added utility to Flamethrowers and Electronic Warfare Units

Extra parts added (Mostly legs)

CT-02 head decreased in cost

Added upgrade
-Power Gauntlet: Bonus to punch and tackle damage

Melee combat fleshed out

Primary tank guns have been made more accurate


  1. I'm following your blog and the progress of your game. Keep at it. I can see you are fixing some of the issues, and its looking better.

    1. Hey, thanks man. I wholly intend to.

      Just got done with the first playtesting and it was a blast. Expect good things in the future.