Friday, September 28, 2012

ChromeStrike Beta (0.9.78)

ChromeStrike sort of went into a hiatus after testers lost interest and I became unavailable, but our bit of campaigning did shine a spotlight on some issues.  As it turns out folks are still interested in the project- so I felt that I owe those people a fixed up rulebook.  To make things easier I've also gone ahead and programmed editable spreadsheets for making characters and mechs.  No more notepad.  Here you are.

Rulebook- 0.9.78



Example campaign worked on

Arona Cantrell and Thorsten Dolgorukov added

Monoc Model 01 "Sentinel" added
---You thought the typo Mustang mech was bad?

Enemy attribute typos have been fixed, recalculated
 ---Mostly the CT-01 "Mustang" and Missile mech

Misc typos fixed

Spreadsheet for making characters and mechs added to .zip


  1. Welcome back! It actually did surprise me to see an update on my list of blog updates.

  2. Stay strong, there's still interest in this beauty of a game (at least, here in the UK). I'm GMing a session tonight (for the first time) to a group of Mech-enthusiasts, and we're all really looking forward to trying out the system. Let's hope it goes well!

    1. It's always reassuring to see the odd thread online, asking about ChromeStrike, or even ones that simply mention it. There certainly is interest from everything I've been seeing. Main issue is determining what to do next with the system.

      Glad to hear you have a group excited about running it though, and hopefully you'll all have a blast with it. Feel free to hit me with any observations or nitpickings.