Sunday, September 1, 2013

ChromeStrike (0.9.85)

It's been fairly busy over here so ChromeStrike hasn't been my top priority.  In this most recent edition a better skill system has been put in place, along with the re-added character equipment section.  This should allow characters to be that much more varied and able to excel at certain activities outside of their machines.

Other than ChromeStrike proper, there's been a bit more work done on the potential expansion booklets.  My favorite of the bunch, Spess (shush, that's a working title) is going to deal with more Gundam-y and Armored Core-y weaboo space fighting.  Because let's face it, energy shields and beam swords should totally be an option.  You heathen.

Rulebook- 0.9.85



Skills have been added to the game

Personal equipment has been re-added

Electronic-Warfare Units have buffed functionality

Rocket Pods have been buffed moderately

Mortars are now cheaper

Out-of-vehicle rules have been changed

More Mech Models:
-MR-1 "Hauberk"
-MR-2 "Cavalier"
-M4 "Peregrine Falcon" has been retooled

Battlesuit customization options changed

Infantry Squads have been reworked nearly entirely

PA have recieved a small nerf to DR

PA upgrade options clarified

Sunday, June 2, 2013

ChromeStrike (0.9.84)

Large update this edition.

 Rulebook- 0.9.84



Main setting has been updated

Beico, the Chinese Prime, has been added
-Bei01 and Bei02 head
-Bei01 and Bei02 chassis
-Bei01 and Bei02 arms
-Bei01, Bei02, and Bei-Wheel legs

CO-01 legs have been nerfed due to cost-efficiency

Beico Bǎngzi (Ammunition and TA combination) has been added

Beico Lánjié (Missile interceptor) has been added

All-Terrain Feet Module added

Melee damage sorted out for unarmed attacks and CCW's

Ready Fire maneuver added

Losing communications now has rules

-Deployment has been streamlined
-Section has been rewritten

New Mechs have been added;
-Type 4 "Deathlord"
-Type 38 "Tiger"
-Type 62 "Rabid Panda"
-Vk26(volker) "Viking"
-M3 "Mantis"
-M4 "Peregrine Falcon"

Artillery/MLRS added

CO Combat Drones have been rebuilt

Infantry Squads now have a heavy weapons option and are cheaper

Mobile Infantry may now melee

Mobile Infantry (EG) have HE Grenades instead of a Grenade MG

Tactical nukes have been repriced

Land-transport cargo capacity has been vastly increased

Sunday, May 19, 2013

ChromeStrike (0.9.83)

Once more, with feeling.




Smart-Loader upgrade added

Anti-Air Missiles added

Fire and Forget Missiles have been changed

New salvage rules; old rules are now 'War Spoils' and meant for selling damaged or used parts

Artwork added

Aircraft have been added to the game;
-Crawford Tech F/A-32
-EF Cyclone
-Fulcrum F-26

Drone "pilot" stats have been added

Excel sheet updated

Sunday, April 21, 2013

ChromeStrike (0.9.82)

Rulebook- 0.9.82



Emerald Gardens, the South American Prime, has been added
-EG01 and EG02 head
-EG01 and EG02 chassis
-EG01 and EG02 arms
-EG01, EG02, and EG01hexa legs

EG multi-tool upgrade added

Railguns Added because overkill

Heavy Flamethrowers Added

Grenade Machine-Gun Added

Emerald Green Mine Dispenser Added

EG Model 01 Added

EG Model 02 "Python" Added

Mobile Infantry have been given an Emerald Green armament option

Excel sheet updated

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Thursday, February 28, 2013

ChromeStrike (0.9.80)

Rulebook- 0.9.80



The rulebook this version has been overhauled- sections have been condensed, moved around, or removed altogether

NRB-01 head changed

CO-02 chassis added, for you maniacal speed junkies

CT-01b chassis added

CT-02quad legs added

Battle Cannon added

Most Missile weapons have had a 33% decrease in cost, and/or extra shots

Selling goods rules added

Most of the example mechs have been recalculated

Mobile Infantry have buffed offensive capabilities. I lurv them.

Excel sheet updated- part defects have been added

Monday, February 18, 2013

ChromeStrike (Update)

In the spirit of getting ChromeStrike presentable the rulebook is currently being redone for the second time.  This time it's going to be much more neat and presentable- higher resolution background pages, logos, better fonts, and placeholder art.  Overall it's quite a bit more sexy then before.  Chances are you will agree with me once it's floating around the Internet.

In other news, it's getting about that time where I begin to commission artwork.  I've already got a small list of random potential drawfriends and Deviantart folks.  Should any of you out there know a decent artist, I'd be happy to consider them for commissions.
Expect a 0.9.80 release some time in the next week or two.  0.9.80 will still be using the old format, but will have updated rules, some missing sections added, and a new mech part or two.  In due time it will be phased out with the new rulebook (KILL ME NOW).  New book is coming (C) Soon.

Above images are not final and are subject to change.  Especially that cover-coloring.  

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

ChromeStrike Beta (0.9.79)

Another hiatus, etc. etc.

Rulebook- 0.9.79



CT arms have been nerfed

CO arms have been made useful

CO-02L chassis added

M19AR assault rifle added

Ammunition upgrades have been added

Misc typos have been fixed

Excel sheet updated