Wednesday, April 11, 2012

ChromeStrike (0.9.55)

Here's the most recent version with some more fine-tuning and problems being addressed.  The vast majority of this update has been from ideas and feedback from my idea people, Spoonman and Koliup.  Another round of applause for those two.

Book- 0.9.55



Extra parts
-Body Work: Pimping up of the mech that provides a possible intimidation bonus
-C&C Node: Data providing device that increases attack against very fast foes

Monoc-03 head special has been decreased to 3:1

NRB03 chest lost the SPD penalty, price decreased to 12cr

NRB02 treads are now 1cr cheaper

Chemical laser has 1 less wounding and +1 to hit

Combat: Critical/automatic hits added

Tanks now have 1+ armor instead of 3+. Have fun with that.

MI now only have 5+ armor

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