Wednesday, January 28, 2015

ChromeStrike (0.9.866)

I've been playing around with anydice more, and over the past couple of days have realized a fault with skill checks. As is, characters at most might have like 8 effective value with skill checks (5 Attribute + 3 Skill Ranks)- while this is okay in personnel combat, and having attacks miss a decent portion of the time, it is less so fitting for trade skills. Who wants to fail in repairing a mech or diplomacy 50% of the time, especially when trained in it? To this end characters may now take a couple of hours, or a day, to receive a -1 or -2 modifier to their roll. That should even it out a bit.

It should also be noted that many of the maneuvers from mech combat (Kneel, take cover, aim, etc.) are also performable in personal combat. Personal combat still needs to be heavily redone in order to be more gritty, and in-depth, but this should still help improve it that much more.


Rulebook- 0.9.866

Friday, January 16, 2015

ChromeStrike (0.9.865)

Work on my programming project has winding down. Ideally one of these upcoming days/weeks I'll be able to find a new developer to head the project. Until then, I've been taking more time to work on other projects, such as ChromeStrike. This version of ChromeStrike has a much needed change to attributes and character creation. Ideally it'll pave the way for some more character shenanigans. Don't be surprised to see more developments on the expansions, too.

Rulebook- 0.9.865



Charisma has been replaced with Appeal.

Beauty has been replaced with Grandeur.

New characters are now assigned ten attribute points and ten skill points.

Attributes start at two, by default, and may be raised as high as six.

Skills now have ranks, ranging from +0 to +3. Useful/combat skills cost one point per rank, and hobby or relatively useless skills are half a point per rank.

Perks have been modified to match higher attributes; the circumstantial attribute bonuses are larger.

Initiative has been heavily inflated. Es okay.

In combat, only half of Perception contributes towards attack rating, and half of Agility towards dodge rating.

Personal skill checks are now 2d6 under Attribute+Skill+Any Perk Bonuses.