Saturday, April 7, 2012

ChromeStrike 0.9.42

Minor update for the second stage of playtesting.  Additional parts and number tweaks have been put in place.  Most of the new material this edition have been the result of the playtester, Spoonman, and his input.  Round of applause.

Book- 0.9.42

Change log-


Lithiness renamed to Overcharges to better suit non-bipedal locomotion

Extra parts
-Laser Pointer: Weapon that debuffs enemies or calls in strikes
-Advanced Targeting Acquisition Unit: More expensive Targeting Array

Sniper Rifles decreased in cost

More types of Mobile Infantry, additional lore

Some typos have been fixed

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  1. I can see the improvements little by little. I would strongly suggest you redo the flow chart on page 23. Make it look cleaner. Right now it's a tad confusing. Or even rethink those rules to omit the need of a flowchart to resolve tackles.