Tuesday, April 17, 2012

ChromeStrike (0.9.6) + Playtesting

Had another bout of playtesting done, this time with 50cr mechs.  The idea was to see how broken of a mech people could make and see if there was one particular archetype that performed the best.
Naturally, this ended up being the high-DR speedster mechs that can be made around that point level.  We didn't have many people yet again, but those that were there slugged it out on Maptools.  What proceeded was a very long dog-fight, the two mechs dashing along the battlefield with Jump-packs or a hover chassis, the players not bothering to aim or stand still the vast majority of it.  Eventually the more-armored but slightly slower one reigned supreme.
After that we had gotten a bit bored, did a few other random tests that sounded amusing.  On the third and final one I slapped together two 50cr mechs, of the heavy type, to see how they might perform against faster foes.  Especially optimized mechs, at that.  Though they performed well (One of the two only used Electronic Warfare Units and played a support role), the surviving damaged one eventually conceded victory.  That mech had been shot about twenty times in five turns, not taking a single wound in the process.  And then tackled into a building.  It was pretty glorious.

Anyways.  Here's the updated book reflecting our observations- 0.9.6

And the changelog-


Most arms have an increased Wound value

Hover chassis cost-effectiveness made equal to other parts

Booster speed increase lowered

Jump-Pack's lost innate SPD bonus, can now only be used every other turn

Electric Warfare Units buffed quite a bit

HMG's modified

Jackhammer and Limpet Mines buffed

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