Monday, April 2, 2012

ChromeStrike (0.9.2)

ChromeStrike is my most recent Scifi system, focused in particular on Mechs and their interactions with other military vehicles. Players take the role of mercenaries or hired-on company pilots, taking jobs and performing missions. A heavy emphasis has been placed on customizability and rules-light, fast paced combat. It is still in the alpha phase.
After revealing the system I have been getting a torrent of helpful feedback. Much of it has been ideas for additional setting lore or parts, but more of the fellows have also been taking closer looks at the game mechanics. Or lecturing about how particular weapons/defenses work. As a result we've been fine-tuning the workings. Combat should have more complex interactions now with the advent of variable Dodge Rating, plus some weapons and upgrades make more sense then before.

In addition to this I've gone ahead and added in some more enemies, parts, and upgrades to add more variety. Why not.

Here's the current rulebook- 0.9.2

And the changelog-


Vehicles and Mobile Infantry added

Extra parts
-Electronic Warfare: Used to debuff an enemy, uses INT attribute

Extra upgraded added (Slat Armor, ERA)

Combat Overhauled
-Moving now decreases attack rating & increases dodge rating
-Boosters/Jump Packs no longer use the UTILITY action

Editable character sheets created

Additional setting lore

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