Wednesday, April 4, 2012

ChromeStrike (0.9.4) + Playtesting!

Woo, did some playtesting finally.

Our first test was kind of rough at the start and we had some problems that made it difficult to run it for a while. One of our players had to leave, another having constant disconnecting problems. Still, after a while we got into a fluid tempo of actions and writing.
Initially we had four players be deployed into a 75x75 grid map that I had created in Maptools, keeping the vast majority of combat in there. We used IRC for everything else. The players easily destroyed the four Beta mechs and Turret, rarely being hit in the process. Even more rarely wounded.
Since the fight was one-sided I ended up offering them a credit bonus (IC) to defeat the remaining players. For a brief few moments there was some IC puzzlement and refusal, then the fight broke out as it should. That was amusing in it's own right- the highly powergamed Sniper speeder mech began ripping apart another player, Osirus, and his standard-ish soldier mech. Our beefy Assaultcannoner joined Osirus's side. They eventually got a lucky hit on the speedy sniper's legs. Was downhill from there. The beefy one ended up fighting to defend the sniper mech against Osirus, defending the entirely limbless and headless mech valiantly. After quite some time the Assaultcannoner emerged victorious over all. Glorious play testing complete.

So. The main issues seemed to be our all relative newness in running the system. That and enemies were way weaker then I thought, players always have a rather high DR. I have addressed these problems with the latest edition.

Overall it was pretty damn fun to run. Some crazy stuff happened (Mech hanging onto life with no legs, arms, or head), and we had some laughs. Expect playtest logs of future tests.

Book- 0.9.4



DR formula no longer has +2 innate DR

Aim bonus is only decreased by 1 upon firing

Called shots have been made more difficult to match the lower DR

Soldiers have been made scarier

Turrets have been made scarier

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  1. Sounds good. Looks like it was fun and you figured out some homes. Good stuff.