Sunday, September 1, 2013

ChromeStrike (0.9.85)

It's been fairly busy over here so ChromeStrike hasn't been my top priority.  In this most recent edition a better skill system has been put in place, along with the re-added character equipment section.  This should allow characters to be that much more varied and able to excel at certain activities outside of their machines.

Other than ChromeStrike proper, there's been a bit more work done on the potential expansion booklets.  My favorite of the bunch, Spess (shush, that's a working title) is going to deal with more Gundam-y and Armored Core-y weaboo space fighting.  Because let's face it, energy shields and beam swords should totally be an option.  You heathen.

Rulebook- 0.9.85



Skills have been added to the game

Personal equipment has been re-added

Electronic-Warfare Units have buffed functionality

Rocket Pods have been buffed moderately

Mortars are now cheaper

Out-of-vehicle rules have been changed

More Mech Models:
-MR-1 "Hauberk"
-MR-2 "Cavalier"
-M4 "Peregrine Falcon" has been retooled

Battlesuit customization options changed

Infantry Squads have been reworked nearly entirely

PA have recieved a small nerf to DR

PA upgrade options clarified

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