Sunday, June 2, 2013

ChromeStrike (0.9.84)

Large update this edition.

 Rulebook- 0.9.84



Main setting has been updated

Beico, the Chinese Prime, has been added
-Bei01 and Bei02 head
-Bei01 and Bei02 chassis
-Bei01 and Bei02 arms
-Bei01, Bei02, and Bei-Wheel legs

CO-01 legs have been nerfed due to cost-efficiency

Beico Bǎngzi (Ammunition and TA combination) has been added

Beico Lánjié (Missile interceptor) has been added

All-Terrain Feet Module added

Melee damage sorted out for unarmed attacks and CCW's

Ready Fire maneuver added

Losing communications now has rules

-Deployment has been streamlined
-Section has been rewritten

New Mechs have been added;
-Type 4 "Deathlord"
-Type 38 "Tiger"
-Type 62 "Rabid Panda"
-Vk26(volker) "Viking"
-M3 "Mantis"
-M4 "Peregrine Falcon"

Artillery/MLRS added

CO Combat Drones have been rebuilt

Infantry Squads now have a heavy weapons option and are cheaper

Mobile Infantry may now melee

Mobile Infantry (EG) have HE Grenades instead of a Grenade MG

Tactical nukes have been repriced

Land-transport cargo capacity has been vastly increased


  1. Hey! Just wanted to drop a note that after looking through the rules, I've found them immensely promising and will be trying to get a group to run through a quick campaign! :)

    If you'd be interested in seeing what we end up with (apart from a train wreck in all likelihood knowing my players ^_^), I'll be keeping a log of my attempts on my website:

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Eyy,

      I'm always interested in seeing what people are doing with ChromeStrike- a good portion of the enjoyment for me is seeing others have fun with it, and reading through their experiences. Count on me looking at the review/logs once they shows up on your blog. (I mean, you've already got a part one and everything)

      We've got a not-yet-released, pretty-much-ready 0.9.85 that you may wish to use instead- Mostly has a fixed up skill system and some Power Armor stuff, but it might be worth grabbing.

      Also, thanks for the encouragement! It always brightens my day to get messages like this.