Saturday, April 19, 2014

ChromeStrike (0.9.86)

Been busy with life and a new programming project.  Short but needed update.

Rulebook- 0.9.86



A multitude of small typo fixes, wording changes, and rule clarifications

More Augments:
-Nerve Interface

Added skills to the quick character creation page

Storage Tank price decreased by 2CR (down to 3CR)

Wound+ has been renamed to AP (Armor Piercing).  This should increase readability and be more intuitive to new players.

Head and Torso imaging and sensors clarified in their respective sections

Targeting Lasers have been reworked and buffed slightly.

Command & Control Node's DR modifier for aircraft is now /4; the former /3 was a typo

Limpet Bombs time-to-detonate has been clarified- minimum 1 turn.

All-Terrain Feet Module renamed to All-Terrain Module

Light Rocket Pod has increased AP; the rules are also re-written for clarity

Shotfist added for more melee mayhem

Mono-01 picture added

Battle Tanks:
-Now have the much-needed "Win all STR checks against mechs" clarification
-Added reminder text that SPD is not decremented until the Treads are 100% gone

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